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TN Regenerative Sports Medicine

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East Tennessee’s leader in Interventional Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine (IROM)

Stem Cell Therapy, PRP, Prolotherapy, Px50, Dx100

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Tennessee Regenerative Sports Medicine: “East Tennessee’s leader in Interventional Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine (IROM)”

Regenerative orthopedic medicine is an exciting field and continues to expand as we
speak! With the advent of Biologics (PRP, Stem Cell Therapy (BMA), Allografts) along with Prolotherapy,
there are injuries that are being treated now that just a few years ago would have been 
unimaginable. At Tennessee Regenerative Sports Medicine we specialize in these new
procedures which treat a variety of orthopedic injuries.  These procedures are performed 
under ultrasound guidance to assure proper placement and delivery of these products 
at the damaged tissue in order to facilitate the healing process .
Below is an Overview of How Regenerative Medicine Works 

PRP Comes To Knoxville




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