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TN Regenerative Sports Medicine




Connective tissue creates the majority of our tissues, including tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bone, skin and lines every layer of tissue throughout the body.  It consists of structural components that shape and support the bodies tissues, growth factors and BioActive molecules responsible for tissue remodeling and proper function, and a BioActive cellular environment that connects cells and allows for proper signaling and cellular function.  When we get injured or age, our connective tissues become damaged, causing pain, inflammation, scar tissue, and poor mobility and function.  BioRenew PTM Therapy is a complete biologic balance and function.



BioRenew PTM Therapy is an all-in-one, best in class, biologic treatment scientifically validated to contain a powerful combination of Growth Factors, Collagen, and BioActive Molecules.  These 3 components are essential to support the bodies repair process.




Many other biologic solutions offer ONLY 1 of these key components and require a blood draw or bone marrow procedure – BioRenew PTM Therapy delivers all 3 with no additional procedure.